Customized Content Marketing is Critical for Tech

An effective content marketing program helps increase your leads & sales. creates a community around your products & services, making it easier to upsell & cross-sell.
Plus it showcases the true ROI of content marketing to your management team, leading them to invest more in it & you.

But only if it's content marketing that works for your tech company, your unique products, services, and industry. It's got to work with your brand of GEEK.

content marketing for tech

Get The Right Kind of Help for Your Tech Company

Most tech companies struggle with content marketing because you want to do it all, right now.

Tech Content Marketing Work Streams

Get the specific help you need for your tech company, whether it's brand new content or repurposing of your existing content.
Breathe new life into your #techcontentmarketing today.

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What clients are saying

When we ask new customers what influenced their decision to buy from us, our content is often cited among the top reasons. Julia helps us publish high quality content on 2 of our blogs in a predictable & professional way. So, not only does Julia understand our audience & help us deliver useful content that they want, but with her help, we can make promises to our audience about a predictable publishing schedule and keep it." —  Bill Cushard, Director of Marketing, ServiceRocket
Julia's articles are always thoroughly researched and well written. She's easy to work with and always completes projects on time. She’s consistently been one of my go-to writers for our membership site." – Charlotte Hicks Crockett, Managing Editor, B2B Writing Success
Julia Borgini is a pleasure to work with. She provides clear writing and fresh ideas and she does it on a timely basis. She also has a knack for distilling technical information into something that's accessible and useful for the average reader. I look forward to having her as a regular contributor. – Heather Robson, Managing Editor, Wealthy Web Writer
Julia was a blessing from the day she started at Ganz. She immediately identified needs within our department & created both solutions & plans of attack to fill those needs. She takes initiative & outputs quality work with little or no direction or management." – Sean Wylie, IT Director of Development, GANZ Interactive
Did we ever score with Julia. She's knowledgeable about technology & copywriting and passionate about helping her clients. With Julia's work, Catalyst is helping our customers connect with their prospects & leads better, & together we're moving their businesses forward. — Keri LaRue, Principal, Catalyst Marketing Group

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