Ask people if they think software development is creative, and they'll probably say no.

Ask a Geek if software development is creative, and you'll get a resounding "YES!"

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. thought so too when he said, "Creativity is just connecting things." (Wired Magazine, Feb.1996)

Creative Software Marketing - It's All About the Connections

Most people don't think that software development can be creative, but you know better, right? You've made that connection between an idea and technology, and created some magic. Does your marketing reflect that connection? Does it have fun?

Create Meaningful Connections While Having Fun

Marketing should never be hard or complicated, either for you or your target audience.

I believe that the best marketing happens when you're communicating passionately about your software magic to the right audience, while having a little fun.

As a B2B software company, you know that decision makers don't just buy on passion and fun alone. But it is what gets you in the door, because it creates a connection to the reader. Your passion and fun is contagious, and where do you think they go? Straight to the decision maker.

Are You Making the Right Connections?

  • Do you want to shorten your sales cycle and increase sales?
  • Ever find it hard to find a software copywriting specialist?
  • One who really understands your complex solution, and can craft the right message that resonates with Geeks and technology decision makers, AND get them to act?

Look no further, you found her. My name is Julia Borgini, and I'm the Head Geek & Copywriter at Spacebarpress.

As a Software Copywriting Specialist and Geek, I'm passionate about words, and writing about technology. I connect words to technology, and Geeks to decision makers with the right B2B copywriting services. To me, that's a fun time.

Like you, I'm fuelled by coffee and imagination. Let's connect today and talk about your software and all its magic. I'm curious.