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Expert Technical Copywriter

I help Geeks sell more stuff by being more human.

Your challenge is that tech-heavy content doesn't sell.

You might think it demonstrates your expertise, but it usually just confuses buyers.

Yes, they need to know the tech specs, but it’s not usually the tech that gets people to buy.

They buy when they find the solution to their daily work problems. The app that makes them look good to their boss. The tool that saves their company money today & tomorrow.

That's why technical copywriting is key.

When done right, it transforms your business.

It explains your tech in language people understand while bringing more qualified buyers to you. You’ll spend more time crafting a better product & client experience instead of constantly searching for more clients.

I know it works because I’ve been doing it for my tech clients for 20+ years. Since before content marketing & customer success were things to “do.”

Ready to get started?

Julia is an absolute professional when it comes to writing B2B articles & copy. Choosing Julia for your B2B content needs is a no-brainer -- not only will she tackle your projects with professionalism -- but she'll make sure to get it right so you can publish it quickly & provide engaging, clear content that your readers can use regularly.

Jessica Lulka Former site editor, Tech Target

Julia & I worked together as we were getting our product off the ground. She was able to work with very limited outside information and support, and was able to turn around a great finished product on time and on budget. Julia instantly understood what we were trying to accomplish, figured out our audience, and provided feedback that leveled up our own understanding.

Gren Austin Head of Wealthsimple Work, Wealthsimple

Julia always delivered clean, easily-editable copy, with crisp formatting and thorough research. She is always great about supplying ideas, turning in deliverables on time and accepts feedback with ease. She has a great understanding of SEO -- which is well-reflected in how she formats work -- and is never afraid to ask questions and ensure a positive client experience.

Ryan Arel Former Site Editor, TechTarget

A sampling of my trusted client & Geek list...

The logo for the Zapier software company.
The logo for the Consciously marketing agency.
The logo for TechTarget, a technology consultancy.
The logo for Wealthsimple
The logo for That White Paper Guy, Gordon Graham.
The logo for the CGI consultancy.

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