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It's time for conversational
tech copy

Lose the tech jargon & elevate your message with the help of a professional B2B technical copywriter.

You're not a copywriter.

So, why did you try to write something for your latest content marketing campaign? You’re not a trained copywriter.

Worse, you don’t have the time to write something professional & powerful that helps you reach your business targets.

Neither does your lead developer, tester, PM, or customer success manager. Forget about asking them for help. They’ll just toss in as many features & techno-babble as they can into the copy in the hopes of impressing readers. Big mistake.

Only a marketer knows about the 6-10 people involved in the typical B2B buying cycle.  Only a copywriter understands that your copy needs to speak to each decision maker.

And only a technical copywriter has the right combination of marketer + copywriter + Geek to craft content & copy that’s perfect for a B2B tech or SaaS company.

Hi, I'm Julia Borgini.

A technical copywriter based in Toronto, Canada. 🍁

After working with many brilliant, hard-working marketers and tech professionals as a technical copywriter, I know what makes great B2B tech copy. I’ve spent 20+ years writing copy and helpful content for B2B technology & SaaS companies looking to make their copy less “tech-y.” 
My clients work with me because I can translate their products & services into the benefits their customers are looking for. I translate their tech magic into plain English that everyone can understand. Developers and QA analysts appreciate the tech angle of the copy, while C-suite execs respond to the benefits & info that’s explained in plain language.
You’ve already built the content marketing strategy that’ll increase subscriptions, reduce monthly churn, and increase revenues; now it’s time to work with a professional technical copywriter who can write it for you.

My clients serve some of the largest tech companies in the world where enterprise-level copywriting is standard.
Catchy Agency
Titan Creative
CGI Canada

Who I work with

B2B Technology Companies

My B2B tech clients work in a variety of industries & markets, like Internet security, finance, insurance, telecom, remote managed services, and more. They’re usually looking for top- or middle- of-the-funnel content that educates & informs. They need a technical copywriter who can get their work done efficiently, correctly, and without a lot of guidance. 

SaaS Companies

My SaaS clients are a little different than the rest of my roster. They’re looking for someone who can help craft copy to generate more sales, reduce support costs, and reduce monthly churn rates. These clients need a technical copywriter who can write just the right kind of content for their audience. Usually, that’s content that moves clients further down the sales funnel.


My agency clients work with a variety of B2B tech & SaaS companies and they need help completing their project deliverables. They consider me part of the project team, and we work together to produce the content for their clients on time and within spec.

Maybe you?

Translating your tech-heavy copy into plain English takes a lot of practice.

Skip the stress and let me put my 20+ years of experience to work for your company. 

What my clients say