Sell more tech
by being more human

Reach more people & grow your B2B tech business with content that’s accurate, authoritative, educational, and sounds like a human.

Companies like Wealthsimple, Taboola, TechTarget, and CGI have partnered with me to develop marketing that people understand, share, and use.

How about you?

Veteran tech writer who understands geek

Focus on your tech, I'll handle the writing

Strategic content marketer

Plug into your team & company

Struggling to write for people?

Tech-heavy content doesn’t work in today’s B2B world.

Yes, people need to know the tech specs before they buy, but that’s the last step. What happens before then?

Ultimately, they’re looking for tech products that solve their daily work problems. Or make them look good to their bosses. And save their companies money.

Your marketing needs to explain how your tech aligns with that. Your words should tell stories, evoke emotions, and get them nodding their head as they learn how you can solve their work problems. 

Too much techno-babble and you’ll confuse them. They’ll get turned off and go with one of your competitors. 

Your technical experts are proud of their work, and rightly so. But all those fancy words don’t impress people and won’t sell. 

Tech specs are good.

Emotion, stories, and connection are better.

Human-focused marketing is best.

Highlight the human factor

Adding the human factor to your content marketing instantly increases its power.

You do that with technical copywriting. When done right, it transforms your business.

It explains your tech in language clients understand while bringing you more qualified buyers. 

You’ll be free to develop a better product & client experience instead of constantly searching for more clients. 

I know it works because I’ve been doing it for my tech clients for 20+ years. Since before content marketing was a thing to “do“.

"Julia is an absolute professional when it comes to writing B2B articles & copy. Choosing Julia for your B2B content needs is a no-brainer -- not only will she tackle your projects with professionalism -- but she'll make sure to get it right so you can publish it quickly & provide engaging, clear content that your readers can use regularly."
Jessica Lulka
Former site editor, TechTarget

Hey, I'm Julia Borgini

I’m a technical copywriter based in Toronto, Canada.

After working with many brilliant, hard-working marketers and tech professionals as a technical copywriter, I know what makes great B2B tech copy.

I’ve spent 20+ years writing copy and helpful content for B2B tech companies looking to make their copy less “geeky.”

My clients work with me because I can translate their products & services into the benefits their customers are looking for in language everyone can understand.

Developers and QA analysts appreciate the tech angle of the copy, while C-suite execs respond to the benefits & info that’s explained in plain language.

You deserve someone who’s the right blend of
marketer + copywriter + Geek to craft content & copy
that’s perfect for your B2B tech company.

Small up close picture of Julia Borgini's face, a brunette woman, as she smiles and looks at the camera
Hey, that's me!

Trusted by 50+ B2B tech companies

What I do

Here are a few of the educational, informative, and accurate “Geeky” projects I work on for my clients. 


Long-form content

I write blog posts & articles that educate and inform while showcasing your expertise. Use it to position your tech company as the experts who can solve your customer's challenges.


content repurposing

Give your content extra life & people more chances to engage with you. I'll transform what you have to increase your ROI on that content and create more engagement with people.


Editing + proofreading

Created some amazing content but aren't sure if the grammar’s correct? Not sure if something's “off”? Send it to me & I'll smooth out your words, do a final once-over, and ensure your words say the right thing the correct way.

What my happy clients say

"Not only is Julia a great communicator, but she is always great about supplying ideas, turning in deliverables on time and accepts feedback with ease. Julia always delivered clean, easily-editable copy, with crisp formatting and thorough research. She has a great understanding of SEO and is never afraid to ask questions and ensure a positive client experience. If you need a content professional who will write great content that engages and converts, look no further -- reach out to Julia."
Ryan Arel
Former site editor, TechTarget
"Julia delivers copy that hits the mark no matter what subject matter, industry, tone, message or format required. She delivers beyond basic copy — thinking strategically about what the reader will do next (that all-important conversion most companies are looking for!) Aside from her great skill set, she's also fun to work with and provides a sense of relief that a pro has got your back."
Mark Glucki
Managing Partner, Titan ONE
"Julia and I worked together as we were getting our product off the ground. She was able to work with very limited outside information and support, and was able to turn around a great finished product on time and on budget. Julia instantly understood what we were trying to accomplish, figured out our audience, and provided feedback that leveled up our own understanding. Hoping to work with Julia again!"
Gren Austin
Head of Wealhsimple Work, Wealthsimple
"Julia copyedited my book, Lean Change Management. Unlike other editors I've worked with, she took the time to understand the context of the book. Perhaps most importantly, she understood my tone and approach to speaking so the project wasn't just about editing content, it was about helping me shape my message in my own way. Looking forward to working with her on the next one!"
Jason Little
Author, Speaker, and Chief Product Nerd, Spero Careers Canada

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Small up close picture of Julia Borgini's face, a brunette woman, as she smiles and looks at the camera